‘New Girl’ review: The secret is out

Did you enjoy the reveal?

When it comes to Schmidt and Cece on “New Girl,” the two have pretty much admitted at this point that the anonymity of the whole ordeal was one of the reasons why the two have been hooking up for so long. Now that the secret is out, we’re not quite sure how long they are going to last.

Granted, we have to give this couple credit for still sticking together after Winston spilled the beans on what was really going on. The two have formed a rather interesting bond with each other, almost as if they help to balance out the inner craziness that they each possess.

What really made this episode funny, though, was not how Schmidt took the news so much as how Jess, Nick, and Winston did. Nick took advantage of the opportunity to learn how be a better liar (and thus continue to dupe some college girls that he started to have one-night stands with last week), Winston realized that he cannot keep a secret because it causes him too much pain, and Jess (in true hilarious fashion) tried to force everyone to reveal all of their secrets, only to wish she hadn’t done so when she realized that some of the guys had some rather detailed fantasies about her while they were asleep.

When it comes to pure anger and people spiraling out of control, this was one of “New Girl’s” best of the season. However, you also have to wonder when at what point there can be too much crazy. Nobody came across particularly likable this week, in particular Nick as he continues to waste his time with women he knows he will never be with.

Do you like how the show handled the long-awaited Schmidt / Cece reveal?

Photo: Fox

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