‘Fashion Star’ review: Is Ross Bennett a saving grace for this show?

Is it still going strong?

Do we love “Fashion Star” as a way for three clothing companies to rake in business? Definitely, and it may be one of the most brilliant ideas we’ve ever heard of. Do we love it as a form of entertainment? We’re four episodes in, and we still don’t know.

One of the biggest issues with this show may simply be that unless you are up-to-date with fashion trends, it’s really hard to understand what is great fashion and what isn’t. We were honestly surprised in this episode to learn that a pale yellow coast is bad fashion, whereas a long coat with tails coupled with shorts is somehow en vogue.

At this point, though, we’ve realized that many of our complaints about this show (including the short amount of time we’re getting to know this contestants) aren’t going to change this season, so we may as well go along with it and just write about some of the contestants. We find ourselves rooting at this point for quirky southerner Ross Bennett, even if even we are knowledgeable enough in fashion to know that some of his clothes are stuck in 1933. We’re just happy that there is a contestant on this show who is legitimately entertaining to watch, and despite his lack of a buy this week we were thrilled to see him out of the bottom three.

After the results, there were some major surprises. Despite not receiving a single bid, we have Ronnie Escalante still in this competition. Meanwhile, Lisa Van Hunter (otherwise known as the woman with the pale yellow coat that we actually liked) ended up being the person leaving. Isn’t it funny how fashion works? She can at least say that unlike Ronnie, she did receive a buy over the course of this competition.

Are you still enjoying this competition, and who are you rooting for?

Photo: NBC

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