‘The Voice’ results: Did Chris Mann, Jesse Campbell stay around?

What happened?

The Voice” was quick to say this week that they were trying something that “they have never done before,” and we were hoping this somehow involved getting into a time machine and making some of the performances from Monday night somehow better. We’ll be honest in saying that there were only four or five performances that we really enjoyed through and through, and even with these we weren’t sure all of them would get through.

We’re going to divide this look back at the episode into two parts, just as we do whenever we cover “American Idol” results shows.

The safe acts

Team Blake

Erin Willett – Despite not having the biggest profile of his team members, Erin managed to win people over on the voice alone. Afterwards, she clearly looked like she was ready to pass out.

Jermaine Paul – Going first on a performance show can doom some people, but Jermaine’s overall airtime and Alicia Keys background likely helped him.

RaeLynn – Seriously? Outside of her energy, we really didn’t find there to be much appealing about this performance, but the coaches’ overpraising her (and her wild screaming) likely caused this to happen.

Our biggest shock? That America actually put the three most-interesting singers into the bottom three.

Team Christina

Jesse Campbell – No surprise here. Not only did he close the show, but his vocal to “What a Wonderful World” was one of the best of the night.

Lindsey Paveo – Methinks she was helped by singing “Somebody That I Used to Know,” otherwise known as the song that everyone in the world currently loves.

Chris Mann – Overall, Mann concludes a run of results we’re actually pretty happy with. We love Mann’s voice, and we hope he can keep charming audiences and finding interesting ways to use his operatic tone.

Performing for the coaches

Team Blake

Naia Kete – She clearly chose a song that was difficult in “If I Were Boy,” and after singing it we are torn. We think she understood the emotion of the song, but there were pitch problems than listening to an eight-year old play the recorder. Way to throw the producers under the bus at the end when it comes to song choice!

Charlotte Sometmes – Really? The Goo Goo Dolls? Charlotte did a pretty great job with the song, but we are wondering why the producers are making the show pick between a serious of cheesy and overdone songs.

Jordis Unga – Jordis is easily the most-seasoned performer of the group, and it showed here. She didn’t let the nerves get to her, and delivered a rendition of “Wild Horses” that nearly brought us to tears. It was almost the first real moment of the season — and it would have been if she had went for the high notes in the chorus.

Blake’s save – Jordis, and while Charlotte did a solid job this wasn’t really close.

Team Christina

Ashley De La Rosa – We would have put her in the top three of Christina’s team after Monday night’s performance show, but not so much now after this scream-y mess of a vocal.

Sera Hill – Is it wrong that we thought of Kris Allen when Carson Daly announces she was singing “Vision of Love”? Well, we did … and that was really all we got out of this performance at all.

Moses Stone – Moses was a mess on the performance show, but the door was open for him after the two before him struggled so badly. Does anyone else find it funny that the rapper sang here, and sang The Script better than the other two did despite having more experience?

Christina’s save – Ashley, and we are thinking this was more for Monday’s strong performance than this one.

What did you think about this episode, and did you love how the new format here?

Photo: NBC

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