‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Dee Snider talks Aubrey O’Day vs. Arsenio Hall

Dee’s sharing his thoughts.

Sunday night’s new episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice” easily managed to bring more drama out of the contestants than anything we have seen thus far, and when it comes to one entire team we can place much of the blame on Aubrey O’Day and Arsenio Hall for becoming engaged in one of the most vicious fights we have ever seen. At first, it started off just being about who was taking leadership during the task; but what really set it off was in the boardroom, when Arsenio (who actually learned later that his team won the task) took offense to Aubrey trying to take credit for his work. After that anger built up for weeks, it finally exploded.

While fired contestant Dee Snider was not on Arsenio and Aubrey’s team Sunday night, he did spend a great deal of time with the late-night legend and was in the boardroom to see what went down in front of Donald Trump. With that in mind, we asked him Tuesday in a conference call with reporters for some of his thoughts on the argument:

“Arsenio is exactly what you see on TV. He’s calm, he’s cool, he’s collected. It took all of 24 hours for Aubrey O’Day to drive him out of his mind. She makes people nuts.”

Another fired contestant in Debbie Gibson was also on the call, and we had the opportunity to her about another fight that happened on the episode — one between her and “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice. So are she and Teresa now on speaking terms, and is she at peace with her elimination? She explains — and also drops a bomb when it comes to her possibly not deserving to go home in the fundraising task on the basis of making money:

“I’m at peace in the sense that I’m glad I didn’t engage in any sort of ‘he said, she said.’ I’m not at peace with [finding out] later that I actually raised more money than Dayana [Mendoza], and everybody who needs to know that knows that. At the same time, I felt the atmosphere was getting kind of toxic, so I was glad to go when I did.

“In relation to Teresa, I have actually reached out to her and told her that if she ever needs help with her charity, I’m here. I offered that, and I offered to reconcile since it is really my goal in life to get along with people rather than not getting along with people. She can either take it as being sincere or not. She doesn’t choose to see me as sincere. (Laughs.) But at that point, that’s her issue so we’ll see what happens.”

Do you think that Aubrey would make anyone nuts, or do you think that Arsenio is still in the wrong here for not finding a better way to channel his feelings and control his temper?

Photo: NBC

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