‘The Big Bang Theory’ preview: Meet Stephen Hawking!

Sheldon does anything to meet him.

One week after “The Big Bang Theory” showed off a rather high-profile guest star in Leonard Nimoy, they are doing it again — this time with Stephen Hawking making a physical appearance rather than being featured via narration.

Hawking will be visiting the university to work with Wolowitz, and this leads to Dr. Sheldon Cooper doing pretty much anything he can to meet his idol … anything. Seriously, Jim Parsons’ character does things that we would never imagine he would ever do in order to spend a few seconds with someone other than himself.

Really, we’re not sure what sort of wisdom Sheldon is going to be able to extract from Hawking’s brain, but it should be interesting. If nothing else, we’re pleased to see the show continue and honor some of its science roots by bringing someone on board who is truly a legend is his field.

The only downside to Hawking’s appearance? We still don’t have any idea just what what the B story for this episode is going to be … if there even is a B story.

You can check out a quick promo for “The Hawking Excitation” below. What do you think?

Photo: CBS

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