ABC’s ‘Castle’ review: Beckett tries to find the words — again

Are we a step closer?

After an episode of “Castle” last week that was as fantastic as it was frustrating, Monday night did not waste too much time at first addressing the dissipating state of the Castle / Beckett relationship. Lanie warned her friend that she was running out of time when it comes to spilling the beans, but then she was kept from making her move (which seems to be the case more times on this show than we could count) by Castle showing up … with a woman in a fancy car.

This wasn’t the only moment during this episode (which contained a story-of-the-week of international intrigue and rappers with cheesy names that was far less interesting than last week’s homage to Occupy Wall Street) that saw these two exchange a glance before the finale. In the middle of the case, there was also yet another fakeout as Castle once again played clueless to Beckett’s frustrations over him involving his new flight attendant “friend” into an investigation to get information. After all, we do understand why he’s feeling the way he is — he obviously thinks that Beckett’s not interested, and doesn’t want to dwell on the rejection for too long.

Did Castle move too fast to even give Beckett a chance? Possibly, but even once we got to the final moment (italicized in the hopes that we’ll one day have something positive to say here), Beckett had a chance to reveal the truth — but decided once again not to after she realized the Castle had his date waiting. Instead, she ended up accepting the invitation of Mr. Dreamy British Guy Colin Hunt from earlier in the episode to have a drink.

At the end of the day, “Castle” may be a show that we love in spite of its flaws more than just about any other drama out there. It’s routine, frustrating, and at times even hokey — but we’ve grown so invested in the love story with Rick and Kate that we can’t wait to see the payoff happen … whenever it is that executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe decides to pull the trigger on it.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: ABC

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