Can ‘Community’ move on past Chevy Chase – Dan Harmon feud?

Chevy’s future is unclear.

We like to think of ourselves as being solutions-oriented, but even we were rather sad to be put in a situation where we would have to fathom a world without Chevy Chase potentially on “Community.”

For the record, there’s still no word on what is going to happen with the show after we first wrote about the feud brewing between show creator Dan Harmon and Chase, and it’s altogether possible that if the show gets renewed for a season 4 (which seems likely), both parties will just try to continue working through their dysfunction.

What else can producers do? There really are a few options.

1. Get rid of Chase altogether – Since we were not on set for the reported incident that led to Chase walking off, we can’t pass judgment as to who was in the wrong. But the truth here is that this is Harmon’s creation, and Chevy is the more expendable to the two.

The biggest fear about keeping a disgruntled actor around is that the quality of the show went south as a result. The best thing “Grey’s Anatomy” did was ditch Katherine Heigl when she started to trash the show, and as much as we love Pierce Hawthorne it may be smart to do the same thing here. Have Pierce leave school to focus on his company, or have him win the loterally and move away. Killing him off seems too mean, but there are all sorts of ways he could be written off the show while having the character exist in the universe. Just don’t punish Pierce for problems going on with Chevy Chase.

2. Try to have these two work it out – Chevy and Dan are both grown-ups and smart guys, and it’s also understandable that ego can get in the way of things. Wouldn’t it be better if these two could find a way to resolve this argument on their own, even if some incredibly harsh things have been said back and forth?

The truth is that this sort of press doesn’t help a show that is already struggling to stay around, and on-set disputes are totally a buzzkill for a show where the cast members have all talked about a great rapport in the past. While this may not be the easiest solution, it’s really the only way to make things easy and tabloid-free moving forward.

3. Weather the storm – It’s possible that Dan and Chevy may never resolve their differences, particularly since tension has grown so bad that we are hearing about it publicly.

The reality here is that “Community” is a show about a four-year community college, and it really should end after four seasons. Since Chevy is a professional, he should be able to stick around for another season (as he is under contract) and finish out his story. While this may not create the best on-set environment, it would at least keep the entire Greendale gang together until graduation.

Of course, in doing this you are taking a risk that there won’t be more trouble — but if you can keep the fighting parties apart, it may be a risk worth taking.

What do you think can be done here? Feel free to share your thoughts with a comment below, and feel free to answer in our poll!

Photo: NBC

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