Simon Cowell ‘guest role’ on ‘Downton Abbey’ an April fool’s prank

Baron de Wharffe?

April fool’s day is always a tough day if you’re an entertainment junkie, because you never know if what you are reading is the real deal or an elaborate prank by the publication.

One of the funniest April fools jokes was set in motion by the Telegraph UK, who tried to kick off one of the most ridiculous rumors we’ve ever read and left us rolling on the floor in laughter.  The publication claimed that ‘X Factor’ judge Simon Cowell had been given a guest role in Julian Fellowes British drama television series ‘Downton Abbey’.

Cowell was said to be playing the role of Baron de Wharffe, an old school friend of the Lord Grantham (played by Hugh Bonneville).  Baron de Wharffe calls on Lord Grantham for help when he is forced to shut down his meat factories and finds himself in need of a place to stay.  Things become difficult at Downton Abbey when the Baron takes it upon himself to encourage all of the servants to leave their jobs and chase their childhood dreams.

The Telegraph even included a ‘source’ to try and make the story a tad believable, who said; “The Baron is a bit of a cad.  One of those schoolfriends who you love even though they make mischief. His winning smile gets him out of most scrapes. He said that he wanted to see ‘how the other half lived’ himself. After all that time telling performers on stage what to do, he showed some real guts getting in front of the camera himself. But the director says he took instruction very well, and the crew loved having him around.”

The third season of ‘Downton Abbey’ will be airing in September, but don’t hold your breath for an appearance from Cowell – we’d likely see an appearance from the Queen before anyone from a reality show.

Photo: The X Factor, Fox

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