ABC’s ‘Castle’ preview: Brett Tucker and plenty of Beckett tension

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We’ve all heard the stories before — a handsome man enters the picture a complicates a relationship that is already complicated to begin with. On the surface, that seems to be what is going to go down on Monday night’s new episode of “Castle,” as we meet a Scotland Yard detective (Brett Tucker, of “Spartacus: Vengeance” fame) with a special reason for being in New York. Of course, this show has taught us that not all happens as it does in most other love stories?

So how does Tucker’s character Colin Hunt meet Castle and Beckett? Let’s just say that he holds nothing back within a matter of seconds.

As if this sight alone was probably playing a role in irritating Castle, Colin ends up taking Beckett with him as a ploy to get into a gala as a part of his investigation. While Castle did find out last week about a very big secret that Beckett was hiding when it comes to remembering what he said to her, he’s not revealing that he knows about it just yet. Is seeing this going to inspire him in some way? If nothing else, it’s sure to bring about some jealousy … and some crazy emotional reactions.

Whether it’s finding out Beckett’s secret or something else entirely, it looks like Castle is not going to be handling this very well at all. Despite Lanie trying to press Stana Katic’s character to reveal her feelings, she is still shying away — but judging from Castle falling apart at the seams and running off to Vegas, we wonder how much time she really has before the man completely implodes.

At this point, we’re really just hoping for some forward movement after a few episodes of stalling. Nothing has changed when it comes to the relationship on a grand scheme of things — and while we’ve had tiny revelations here and there, the fact that Beckett has known about Castle’s feelings for so long without saying anything makes us wonder if she ever will before it’s too late. (While we think they will be together at the end of the day here, we’re not quite sure this would work out in real life.)

Do you think Colin’s arrival could help Castle and Beckett?

Photo: ABC

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