‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ review: Do we know too much?

What happened — or didn’t happen –this week?

We’re still not sure what exactly we are getting out of this season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” but until Sunday night we were having a hard time putting our finger on it. Is it that the show lacking in drama? Not necessarily, since we do have the “black baby” comment (as overdone as it may be), and there is still the giant mess that Marlo Hampton has created for everyone.

What we really are finding to be a problem with the show at this point really is that we’re seeing the flaws of these ladies all being as famous as they are. For example, we already know that Kim Zolciak is married, so watching the steps of her engagement simply aren’t as exciting as it could be.

Then, we have the issue of careers, as this week NeNe Leakes went out to Los Angeles to audition for a part on “Glee.” Did the meting with producers go well? It seemed to, but the issue here is that we already know already that she has the part. There’s no drama here, and filming so many months in advance has serious disadvantages. It’s like watching a season of “Survivor” after the winner came out and bragged to all of his friends. As for Phaedra Parks, she moved forward with her plans concerning her funeral business — while there was some new information on here, seeing another lavish party is hardly exciting when we have already seen a number of lavish Phaedra parties in a row this season.

Next week is the season finale for the show, and we hope that there is some redemption here in the form of a story that isn’t so planned out. At this point, though, we’re watching a show that is about drama become so predictable. We already know that NeNe and Kim don’t like each other, and that Cynthia Bailey and Peter Thomas have a difficult relationship. It’s like we are watching a presentation where someone’s slideshow is malfunctioning, and they’re telling you a story a hundred times to distract you from the truth.

Tell us — are you still enjoying this season?

Photo: Bravo

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