‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’ preview: NeNe Leakes gets ready for ‘Glee’

The show airs Sunday night.

Sunday night marks the penultimate episode for the non-reunion season of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and this means that we are going to see a good many of the women starting to look forward to the future.

For NeNe Leakes, this could even mean her finding a way straight out of the ATL completely. During Sunday night’s episode, you will see NeNe getting ready to meet with the co-creators of “Glee,” and in the process she wonders whether or not a move to Los Angeles could be the best way for her to move forward with her career.

As for the other two sneak peeks we have from the episode, both of them are going to be concerning Kim Zolciak and the continued (sigh) use of the controversial “black baby” comments that got so many people upset earlier this season. Kim first talks with Cynthia Bailey on the phone, and later on the two parties end up talking about their feelings on the matter over lunch.

Are the two going to patch things up? We hope so, mostly because Kim and NeNe already aren’t talking and there is no need to isolate some of the cast from each other even further. (Mostly, though, we are just hoping that this storyline is going to die off sooner rather than later.)

With these two storylines, we have a feeling that this season is going to end with a whimper rather than a bang. “Atlanta” is in need of a shake-up more than any other installment in the franchise thus far, mostly because the storylines constantly feel like more of the same — whether it be the “black baby” issue, NeNe working with her sons, and Cynthia trying to sort out her relationship with Peter. As long as Phaedra Parks stays around, we’re going to be happy.

Do you think this season was weaker in comparison to those before it?

Photo: Bravo

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