‘Survivor: One World’ preview: Get ready for a big move

Kim: the puppetmaster?

We’ve seen a good many moves made already on “Survivor: One World” this season, and we love the promises made in the brand-new show promo that there will be a “big move” made soon that results in a player getting unexpectedly booted from the game.

Who is it? It’s not clear just yet, but the video below suggests to us that Kim is either going to be the initiator or the victim of this move. We’ve been saying this for weeks, but none of the castaways have really caught on yet to how Kim (with some assistance from Chelsea) is really running the show. She has an immunity idol, two alliances, and plenty of friends. There doesn’t seem to be anyone actually gunning for her, but the preview suggests that this could change if she makes a big move to start taking out the guys one by one.

With Kim so clearly in power, it’s going to be up to the remaining men at the moment to try and make a move that could keep them alive for a little while longer. Unfortunately for them, there is really only one person that they can turn to for help at this point — Christina. With the other five women firmly locked into an alliance, they are going to need to find a way to convince the least-liked contestant (at least based on editing) out of all the women to jump ship and vote with them. Unfortunately, there are even a couple of problems with this move:

1. Someobody would have to tell Christina that she would be doing more here than just jumping from sixth place with the women to sixth place with the men.

2. Somebody would also need to convince Jay and Troyzan that they are not as firm in the alliance with Kim and Chelsea as they think.

We are really thinking at this point that the “big move” will see Jay or Troyzan heading out the door. The men have shown no signs yet of being savvy enough in this game to actually pull off a big move, and the women have set themselves up in a great position to run the table.

Do you think that the guys are just going to start falling one by one?

Photo: CBS

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