‘The Pauly D Project’ premiere review: Worth a ‘yeah, buddy’?

Was this worth watching?

When MTV first set up “Jersey Shore” so many years ago, they effectively caught lightning in a bottle in many ways. They managed to find a group of people who had great chemistry, were willing to do crazy things, and they were all going through the experience together for the first time.

Unfortunately, watching “The Pauly D Project” did not produce the same feeling. We love Pauly D, and there’s no real question that he as a character is entertaining. He’s great as the comic relief, and you always had a feeling that he was just a little bit wiser to the game on the “Shore” than everyone else in the room.

When it comes to this show we are given a little more insight into his life — including that his parents no longer are together and his dad recently suffered a stroke — and this is the sort of thing that we have been advocating on the flagship series for some time as these people become to famous to relate to. Then, we have his entourage — which are at this moment a group of indistinguishable guys that really just make fun of each other constantly.

When it comes to one of the the things that the show did right, it was telling us the truth that Pauly lives a rich life now thanks to the show — and while this may be irritating to some, at least they’re not pretending. There are lavish club appearances, fancy hotel rooms, and women whenever he wants them. For some reason, though, Pauly still seems rather closed off as a lead, using the same catchphrases over and over again (“yeah, buddy!”) while not giving us too much insight into who he is rather than that he wants to be a DJ and the detail he shared about his dad. If you are going to be a star of a reality show like this, you have to let people know your innermost thoughts just a little bit more.

Now, we turn to the real issue with the show even more than Pauly as a lead — it’s simply that the format does not give it enough time to pick up steam. We know that half of the show was not commercials, but it felt that way — and the frequent breaks caused the story to be fragmented. We’re leaving the premiere not really understanding how excited we will be watching a successful guy become more successful, and we’re not yet convinced that some of the conflict moving forward is either going to be good or presented in the right way in this running time to succeed.

What did you think about this premiere, and do you think that the real magic of the “Shore” cast is when they are all together? Be sure to answer in our poll below!

Photo: MTV

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