‘The Vampire Diaries’ review: The hitch in Stefan’s plan

Are you shocked?

The Vampire Diaries” has long been a series of secrets, but we may be willing to wage that Thursday night’s “The Murder of One” was one of the closely-guarded installments of the show we have ever seen.

So did Elena, Damon, and Stefan actually succeed in killing Klaus once and for all? You can find out below, but be warned for spoilers!

Ultimately, the title of the episode told the truth. One person (or vampire) was murdered, but the others are still standing. Thanks to a well-executed plan by Stefan, he managed to get Finn in a position where he could be murdered using one of the white oak stakes that Stefan and Damon had crafted. Unfortunately, at the same time Bonnie was forced into breaking the bond between the Originals with a spell under threat of Jeremy losing his life. Did this make the entire past few episodes a little less meaningful? Sure — after all, what was the point of ever linking the vampires at all now? Nonetheless, the first family of vampires is at least down a member.

As if the death of this character was not shocking enough, there was plenty more shockers where that came from. After Finn died, it was quickly learned that all of the vampires that he once turned died along with him. This mean the end to Sage most notably, as well as plenty of other vampires out there that we don’t even know about. The problem with this revelation? Not only can Elena not trace every one of her vampire friends to an Original, but she knows that Klaus turned Tyler … and she’s not willing to lose him.

As much as we enjoyed the twist introduced at the end of this episode, it’s fair to say that we are really not in too different of a place now than we were weeks ago. Klaus still wants to create an army of hybrids, Alaric is still trying to figure out his alter ego, and Elena still can’t decide between Damon and Stefan.

All we can say? We’re not going to be rid of Klaus for some time — and considering that Joseph Morgan may have the most complex character on this entire series, the prospect of this is quite exciting.

What did you think of the twist at the end of this episode, and do you think Elena and Stefan are now closer to being together based on the scene at the end?

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