‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Jonas Otsuji on Sandra strategy, playing again

Jonas was eliminated this week.

Our first post-merge casualty on “Survivor: One World” is ultimately one we’re rather sad about — Jonas Otsuji. He was one of the more interesting characters on a men’s tribe chock full of otherwise poor players, and he actually seemed to have some sort of handle on the game (even if he himself made some questionable decisions).

Jonas may actually take the cake for giving some of the shortest interview answers ever — so in addition to what he told us, we’re going to have a few other assorted notes below from other interviews during the conference call Thursday.

Cartermatt.com – Has anyone told you that, during some of your confessionals this season, you actually sounded a little bit like Boston Rob?

Jonas Otusji (laughs) – That’s very flattering, because I respect Boston Rob and what he did on the game so much. No one has told me that; you’re the first one.

Did you have any plan as to how you were going to make it all the way to the end?

I was trying to play a sort of game like Sandra, [where] you float under the radar for a while [and make moves where you have to].

Would you play again if you were asked? It seemed like you had some good ideas but things just didn’t go your way.

I would jump on a plane in a second.

Some other notes

-When it comes to outing Tarzan’s plan to vote out Kat at tribal council, Jonas claims that he did that in order to try and show everyone that just what Tarzan was up to behind the scenes.

-He had tried to campaign for his safety by talking with the former male members of Salani, but nothing really came of it.

-If Colton had stayed in the game, the Manono tribe would have eliminated Alicia, and went into the merge with a far different strategy thanks to having an immunity idol in their pocket.

-Even though Tarzan wasn’t happy to receive his words of kindness, Jonas claims that he meant what he said to the guy when he was walking out after his elimination.

Are you going to miss Jonas on the show?

Photo: Fox

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