‘Survivor: One World’: What are the men thinking?

At least he has something…

Maybe it’s poetic justice for producers and their relentless hyping up of male contestants on “Survivor,” often to undeserved levels, that the women are completely dominating this season. For the first time, we could feasibly have a final five of one gender in the history of this game. (“Fans vs. Favorites” had a final four of all women.)

With this in mind, it’s really hard to say that any of these remaining men are “winners” in the traditional way that we do on this site. Instead, the better word may just be “insane.” Meanwhile, we may have some of the best gameplay happening by women this season since the aforementioned season with Parvati and Cirie.

The winners

Kim – She’s so running the show right now, and nobody realizes it. We just can’t see her leaving the game pending a giant blindside, as she has both the idol and two alliances in her pocket.

This week, she was instrumental not only in helping to take out Jonas, but also making sure that her fellow alliance members kept Tarzan around. She knows he’s a perfect goat for the jury, and nobody will ever give him a million dollars.

Alicia – She was smart enough to know that Manono tribe was a massive trainwreck, and jumped ship as fast as she could. That’s really all we have to say here.

Chelsea – Paranoia about Tarzan aside, she’s also playing a strong game and could be the member of the female alliance to win enough immunity challenges to keep the necklace from the boys.

Can she actually win? We’re not sure, since we see her more as a physical player than a mental one. Plus, she would probably take Kim, and she has “winner” written all over her.

Troyzan – While we think this guy is completely out of his mind in thinking that the reconstructed Salani is going to stay together over an all-female alliance, he at least found an immunity idol that could keep him around a little while longer.

The losers

Tarzan – We’ll start with a man who may be up there with Phillip Sheppard as one of the worst players ever on this show — at least when it comes to winning versus just trying to make it to the end. Why do you irrationally hate Jonas so much, Tarzan? In between this and his disgusting underwear, Tarzan is a guy no one takes too seriously — even though he probably takes himself more seriously than anyone else does out there.

Jay and Mike – Individually, they did nothing wrong; but the fact that they each believed that the women had their best interest at heart makes them gullible to the ends of Samoa. Unlike Troyzan, they don’t have an idol for when things start crashing down for them later (which could happen as early as next week).

Leif – Sometimes, you have to know that your alliance is not worth putting yourself at risk. In siding with Jonas and getting rid of Mike, Leif once again showed that his loyalty is off and he is a sitting duck to leave this game.

The only thing really keeping Leif alive at this point? The fact that Tarzan could implode and somehow get himself out before anyone else.

Jonas – Finally, we end with a man who we really grew to love over the course of the show. Jonas reminded us in some subtle ways of Boston Rob, and he is the first person this season that we could genuinely say we want to see back in the future.

Really, Jonas was just a victim of his own past mistakes. He relied a bit too much on Colton early in the game, and in listening to his ideas (in getting rid of Bill and then seeing Colton leave) he really didn’t have anywhere to turn. We did love his last-ditch effort at tribal council to get rid of Mike — he obviously knew his goose was cooked, but he at least went out with a bang and we always appreciate that.

Let’s hope that Jonas really gets a chance to shine again with an alliance full of people actually trying to play this game.

What did you think about this episode, and are you as bummed as we are to see Jonas out already?

Photo: CBS

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