Stephen Colbert highlights ‘TacoCopter’, makes world hungry

You know you want one…

In watching Tuesday night’s edition of “The Colbert Report,” we caught win of what may be one of the strangest inventions we have ever seen … and yet also the most intriguing.

The device highlighted by Stephen Colbert is none other than the TacoCopter, and following our initial shock of seeing something like this on TV, it turns out that the device actually exists — at least in theory. You order tacos on your smartphone, and a robotic helicopter (currently limited to just the San Francisco area — otherwise known as the land of tech geeks who would rather have this done than actually going and buying a taco themselves) brings it promptly to you.

As Colbert highlights, there really are a number of elements actually keeping this idea from going anywhere beyond a website, sadly enough — from laws about unmanned aircraft in the private sector to practical issues ranging from the helicopter crashing into buildings to someone coming up and jacking your tacos. (Plus, would this thing have a built-in heater to keep your snack warm?)

If someone had brought this idea to “Shark Tank,” the sharks would have probably laughed in their face. Maybe this is part of the reason why we love the national attention that it’s getting — it’s completely useless in that we really don’t need a robot to bring us tacos, but yet effective in that we really want a taco right about now. (If this is one of the ones with the Dorito shell, can we have two?)

At the end of the day, we realize that the TacoCopter isn’t probably going to ever happen (despite the company selling t-shirts of the idea) — but hats off to the “Colbert Report” writers for highlighting an issue that brings out the foodie / tech geek in all of us.

Photo: Comedy Central


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