‘Survivor: One World’: Jeff Probst doubts Colton Cumbie return

Will we see more of Colton?

When we talked to Colton Cumbie last week, everything to us suggested that we would see more of him following his appearance on “Survivor: One World.” While he was offensive and uncomfortable to watch, he also was one of the few people willing to make strategic moves during the first few episodes of this game.

Considering that the show has forced Russell Hantz down our throats on three occasions already (despite him making a number of comments that were offensive at times towards women), we’re actually surprised that Jeff Probst told XFinity that he doesn’t see Colton coming back.

So what’s the difference between Colton and a guy like Russell? To Probst, it seems to be all about bringing back people for making big moments in the game rather than just people who angered viewers at home:

“Russell you bring back. Colton, I don’t think you do. I can’t imagine celebrating Colton and bringing him back … But, I could be wrong on that.”

Considering that season 25 of the show has already started to film, we can say for sure that Colton is now on board it in any capacity. However, there are still assorted rumblings that at least one of the upcoming two seasons will be an “all-stars,” a “second chance,” or some sort of a “fans vs. favorites” revival. Season 20 was the last time we had a season consisting of just past players, and outside of Parvati losing it ended up being one of the most fascinating seasons in some time.

From our standpoint, you can really only justifying Colton back at all for a season full of pre-merge characters, and even with that it’s still going to be a touchy subject. We really believe that Jonas, Tarzan, Kim, and Sabrina may be the best all-stars candidates from “One World” at this point, but this could change with it being so early in the game.

Do you think Probst is right about Colton, or do you want to see him play again?

Photo: CBS

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