‘House’ finale: Robert Sean Leonard doesn’t feel Cuddy should return

He thinks finale is better without Cuddy

Dr. Lisa Cuddy has played a huge role in the Fox series ‘House’ over the years and since her exit from the show, the series has just never felt the same.

With the ‘House’ series finale coming up on May 21st, fans are wondering if Lisa Edelstein will return to the show and slip back into the role of Cuddy to help tie things up.  TVLine spoke to Hugh Laurie and Robert Sean Leonard on the set of ‘House’ and asked them both what their thoughts were on Cuddy’s character coming back for the series finale.

Laurie felt that without Cuddy’s return the series would be “incomplete” and that it was important for her to come back, where as Leonard felt the opposite.  Leonard said; “I disagree…. I don’t like neatness.  I don’t think it’s necessary to tie up every character’s story.”

Leonard went on to use the M*A*S*H finale as an example, explaining that the producers of that show were faced with the ultimate fan question; How do B.J. and Hawkeye say goodbye?  He said; “Of course the genius was… they don’t.  I like shows that end without tying things up.”

Robert Sean added that there is no real reason that Cuddy would decide to resurface after what House did to her and her home in the finale of Season 7, so it’s unlikely that fans would even buy into Cuddy returning.  Leonard explained; “House’s relationship with Cuddy deteriorated. She fled the scene, and that’s it. That is the end of the story.  Why the hell should she come back? To say, ‘House! You forgot this waffle iron’? She’s gone. We made the point that she left because she wanted to leave – the character, I don’t mean Lisa. So the story goes on.”

Are you hoping to see Cuddy back in the series finale of ‘House‘, or do you agree with Leonard’s thoughts on her not returning?  Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

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