‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Bianca Lawson talks childhood bullying

She wants to help end bullying

Bullying has always been a problem in society as for as long as anyone can remember, but it seems that in the past few years the problem has gone from bad to worse.  While social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter bring bullying to a terrifying new level, more and more victims of these bullies are standing up against the abuse and have decided to push back.

One of the reasons for the push back movement is the huge celebrity support in the anti-bullying campaign, as stars use their power to drag the bullies into the spotlight, so that society can help put a stop to it.  ‘Pretty Little Liars’ star Bianca Lawson has had her share of bullies terrorize her in the past, and tells US Weekly that she was often the target of their abuse.  She said;

“I’ve had guns pulled on me. Large sharp things thrown at me. Really bad things. People can be really, really cruel. [Bullying] is sad and it takes a while to get over.”

Lawson gives credit to her parents when it comes to being able to get through those tough times and rise above the bullies.  She said that her parents stood strong together when speaking to the school principal to make sure something was done about it.  She said;

“I’ve got amazing parents [who have] always maintained an open dialogue with me, so I felt like I could talk to them. They really empathized and validated my feelings.”

The new controversial Weinstein film ‘Bully’ has had trouble getting a PG 13 rating, even though the film speaks directly to that age group, but Lawson feels that it is an important film for teenagers as young as 13 to see, because it could help teens and parents see that this is a heavy issue that is plaguing schools and that there is a solution.  She said;

“Thirteen-year-olds are getting bullied, seeing other kids getting bullied and killing themselves because they don’t know a way out. Parents or teachers [may not] understand the psychological and emotional gravity [of bullying], because a lot of the time, kids don’t communicate like an adult would. They don’t say, ‘I’m going through this. I’m at this point in my life where I’m thinking of doing these horrible things.’ [Adults] think, ‘they’re handling it,’ or ‘it’s kids being kids,’ not realizing that it’s destroying them.”

With ‘Bully’ being unrated, only select theaters will be showing the film when it comes out on March 30.

Photo: Pretty Little Liars, ABC Family

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