‘Modern Family’: Sofia Vergara, adult cast all seeking raises

This could take a while.

Is the gang from “Modern Family” all set to boost their income a little bit? You can almost certainly bet on it, as the cast is nearing the time after season 3 where they all ink some long-term deals to stick around leading up to a potential seventh season. (They are already under contract beyond this season, but these extensions give the higher-ups more flexibility.)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, all six of the lead actors on the show (Ty Burrell, Eric Stonestreet, Sofia Vergara, Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Ed O’Neill) are going to be in some heated negotiations with ABC for quite some time about their future with the show. The early demands could turn out to equal about $200,000 per episode per cast member, with O’Neill’s fee likely higher since he started the show with the highest salary thanks to his past TV experience.

The issue? It’s unlikely that the studio and the network are going to bite on this high of a fee. Despite being the top-rated show on ABC, $1,2 million per episode for just the primary cast is quite a bit to ask, especially when you have the child actors plus Sarah Hyland to pay. While the three main stars of “The Big Bang Theory” received a raise to the $200,000 range after season 3, there were far fewer of them to pay. “Family” is more of an ensemble, and they may be facing a brick wall because of it.

While these negotiations could turn tense at points, we have no doubts that a deal will eventually get done. It benefits the cast to make as much money as possible, and with USA already acquiring off-network rights to the series there are going to be huge syndication benefits similar to what TBS has reaped with “Big Bang.” There’s simply too many dollars at play here to keep a deal fromĀ gettingĀ done, even if there is some major back and forth.

For those curious, Hugh Laurie and Ashton Kutcher are the two highest-paid actors on TV, though their salaries have been reported from anywhere between $500,000 to $700,000 an episode. (Kutcher’s negotiating a deal that could bring in $1 million, which gets him close to what Charlie Sheen was earning during his final year on “Two and a Half Men.”)

Do you think a deal will get done here?

Photo: ABC

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