‘Fashion Star’ episode 3: Clutter in constructive criticism


We don’t need all of these people.

Last week, we were pretty harsh on “Fashion Star” for a number of reasons, mostly in that the format really didn’t change much and we had a feelings events would get boring sooner rather than later.

We were right in that Tuesday night’s third episode was a bit of a snoozefest at times. However, we think we were finally able to definitely say why this show isn’t working as well as it could — we have no idea whatsover who most of these contestants are, and the reason for it is that we are dealing with way too many cooks in the kitchen. We don’t need three mentors, three buys, and a host. What the show should do is take a page from “American Idol” and have a guest mentor every week to freshen things up behind the scenes, and then just have the three buyers speak at the judging panel. They’re the ones buying, and while we respect the mentors’ success in the fashion world, hearing from so many people after every design reduces the amount of time we have to actually get to know these people. If your show has to use a montage to get through some contestants in order to show more of the mentors, you know you have a problem.

Now, as for the actual events that transpired this week. The theme was summer clothing, and the designers had to come up with something that could become the next big trend nearly a year after the show was filmed. There were some successes here — most notably Ross, who ended up getting his first buy of the entire competition this week.

As for the bottom three, Lizzie, Luciana, and Edmond were in trouble, but the mentors saved Edmond (who really should haven’t been there to begin with). Since we barely even remembered who Luciana was, it wasn’t much of a surprise to see that Lizzie ended up going home here following her second straight week of trouble.

Will the competition intensify next week? We hope so, and we hope that the show actually gives us a better opportunity to see who these designers really are versus just some soundbytes that make this feel more like a game show than a reality show.

Do you think that this show could do with less mentoring?

Photo: NBC

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