‘New Girl’: Dermot Mulroney continues to shake (and stir) things up

Dermot’s back again.

One week after Dermot Mulroney made his triumphant debut on “New Girl” as Russell, Zooey Deschanel’s Jess had to do a little bit of growing up of her own in order to match him.

What did she think that this implied? Dressing up fancy, heading to dinner, and then trying to ask him about his prostate. The biggest issue here, though, was that Russell wouldn’t kiss her, and after the first two dates she struck out royally.

Unfortunately for Jess, she ended up colliding with a rather hilarious storyline where Nick’s friend from college convinced him that hooking up with college girls was a good idea, and this idea in itself caused her to suffer a booze-induced downward spiral. The good news? Things turned out far better for Jess here than Nick (who was using his bartending skills to try and impress people) — she ended up learning that Russell was just learning how to fall in love again, and he really wasn’t prepared for knowing when to kiss her or even ask her out again.

As fun as this story was, the other shining moment this week (outside of seeing Nick screaming “get out of me, poison!” while he vomited) was seeing Winston ended up learning about Cece and Schmidt courtesy of an unfortunate incident in a car while he was trying to visit his girlfriend in Mexico. We love the awkwardness of Winston finding two two of his friends (minus clothes) in the trunk, with the immigration office asking how they got there. (The fact that he didn’t know made this all the more priceless.)

Overall, we have to say that “New Girl” is really earning its stripes at the moment as one of the best comedies on TV. Not only is it consistently funny, but there is enough heart here to make us care for its characters beyond their flaws.

Do you think this episode was yet another sign that this show is finding its stride?

Photo: Fox

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