Camille Grammer wanted to keep family, boyfriend off ‘Real Housewives’

She’s moving on

When it comes to the reason behind Camille Grammer’s exit from ‘The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ it seems that everyone has a different opinion on what that reason could be.

Camille told US Weekly that she left the popular Bravo franchise because they couldn’t reach a contract agreement that both parties felt comfortable with.  She said;

“We couldn’t get it worked out. I’ve had so much fun with the franchise, but I guess the producers and I couldn’t come to an agreement.”

An insider has revealed that Camille’s demands to not include her boyfriend or children on the reality show are what ultimately ended the contract negotiations – after all, what’s a reality show about your life if you’re keeping the key elements in your life off screen?  The insider said;

“She got a call from producers telling her she wouldn’t be returning to the show. There’s nothing interesting left about her character. She refused to feature her boyfriend [Dimitri Charalambopoulos], and she didn’t want to expose her kids [Mason and Jude] anymore.”

The producers were not too keen on the idea of Camille keeping most of her real life away from the show, so it is said that Grammer was hoping to become a part-time housewife instead.  When Camille learned the news on Friday that she wouldn’t be returning to the show, the source said that the reality star was shocked.  They said;

“Camille really didn’t think there was a chance that they wouldn’t ask her back, so she was pretty surprised and upset this weekend.”

A second source claims that Camille is ‘demanding’ and is careful about what she wants portrayed on the show.

“She’s demanding and complicated to work with. She’s very careful about how she’s portrayed, and didn’t want to put herself out there without having a say in how she came across. She wants to move on in a positive direction in her life.”

It’s not exactly surprising to hear that Camille wants some sort of control over what is shown on television and that she wants to protect her relationship and her family. Unfortunately positive, feel good characters don’t sell at the moment, putting Camille in an even more difficult position – off the show.

Photo: Bravo

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