ABC’s ‘Castle’ review: A step forward … or a step back?

Are the secrets out?

On Monday night, “Castle” finally aired an episode that they have been hyping even before they aired their “Dancing with the Stars”-inspired hour last week. Why? This was supposed to be an episode that took us close to Castle and Beckett actually coming together.

So did it really happen? Before we get to the answer of that question, we’ll set it up. Both of our heroes were each rattled by a deadly explosion at an Occupy Wall Street sort of movement, and it led to them starting to come to terms with the fact that life is short, and they better reveal their feelings before it’s too late. Unfortunately for Castle, the case to uncover the bomber started to get in the way at just about every point that he wanted to say the same words he did when Beckett was gunned down during last year’s finale.

Then, just when he was setting up the situation to full express his feelings, Beckett dropped a bomb of her own in the interrogation room to a suspect — she remembers everything about her shooting. Everything. Unfortunately for her, Castle was listening in and came to a rather clear revelation that Beckett’s remembered all along what he said to her that fateful day.

Castle decided not to let this revelation get to him (for now), and for at least the final ten minutes of the episode we watched the end of one of the show’s better mysteries unfold. Did anyone else see it coming that the news reporter at the start of the episode was involved in the bombing? Good move, Andrew W. Marlowe and company. Not so good move? Having Castle’s revelation about his partner keep him from wanting to express his feelings. In the end, we did at least take a major step forward to the secrets kept by the two coming out — unfortunately, this in the process has torn the two even further apart for the time being until they learn how to handle their emotions a little bit better.

While we are admittedly pulling our hair out that there was no moment at the end here that we were pining for, we have to say that this may be the most enjoyable episode of the series since we saw Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic in handcuffs.¬†What did you think about this episode, and the progression made in the “Caskett” relationship?

Photo: ABC

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