Kate Gosselin and Jon’s ex-girlfriend Hailey Glassman exchange tweets

Has Kate found a friend in Hailey?

Mrs Carter: Time to forgive and forget?

When Jon and Kate Gosselin’s marriage fell apart it became one of the biggest reality television break ups of all time and when it was revealed that Jon had moved on with Kate’s plastic surgeon’s daughter, Hailey Glassman, the rumor mill really started to heat up.

Glassman has always stood by her original statement that she and Jon never went behind Kate’s back and that there was never any cheating involved, but there are still aspects of Hailey and Jon’s relationship that most women would find difficult to move past, like how quickly it started up after the the Gosselin’s announced their divorce – Kate Gosselin however is not most women.

Hailey posted a message on her Twitter account to Kate asking her for a recipe.  She wrote; “Hey @kateplysmy8 can you share the recipe for the “Monkey Munch.  It’s so yummy, my mom & I never seem to make it as tasty as you did.”

Glassman’s ballsy move totally paid off in spades because the ‘Kate Plus 8’ reality star not only responded, but she was kind in her response to Hailey (a lot nicer then most women would’ve been).  She said; “@hAiLeYgLaSsMaN1 go to the chex website…It should be there..not my recipe but love it! Called ‘muddy buddies’ there! Enjoy! :)”

Jon must be shaking in his boots now that his exes have broken the ice and are getting along.  Could there be a real friendship brewing between Kate and Hailey?  They have both been hurt by the same man and have both been thrown into the tabloids over similar situations – this might be just thing that bonds these two women together in a meaningful friendship, stranger things have happened.

Photo: TLC

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