‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ episode 2 podcast: On Twisty, Michael Chiklis with Jason Prager

American Horror Story -

It was just a few days ago that we first did our “American Horror Story: Freak Show” premiere podcast, but we’re back now with another! This is actually the spot where we are looking to release most podcasts this season, either on a late Thursday or a Friday.

The second episode did bring a ton to the table, and therefore quite a bit for CarterMatt co-founders Matt Carter and Jason Prager to discuss. As always, we try to rate our podcasts comparable to the shows we are covering, so there is some strong language in here.

Some of the topics of conversation here include:

  1. Whether or not Michael Chiklis and Angela Bassett are huge editions to the show.
  2. Whether or not Chiklis’ Dell really counts as a major part of the freak-show community without seeing his talent.
  3. The amount of singing on the show.
  4. The big aftermath to the killing of the detective.
  5. The death of one of the members of the freak-show community, and what that means going forward.
  6. The latest on Twisty the Clown and Dandy, and what is going on there.
  7. A conspiracy theory: Did Dandy’s mother want the clown to kill him?
  8. Some general expectations for the next two weeks, including some guest stars that you can expect to see.
  9. Some possible themes to be looking out for when it comes to next season.

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