‘American Idol’ notes: Hollie Cavanagh, Heejun Han, and Phillip Phillips

What will we see next?

We’ve been focusing a bit lately on “American Idol” alumni in our notes … so what better way to kick off the week by actually staying focused on the present?

We have a few interesting messages courtesy of what the top 9 are up at the moment on Twitter, and it covers the gamut from performance plans to dealing with some insecurities:

Heejun Han – Despite the fact that she was recently eliminated over him (much to the dismay of many fans), Erika Van Pelt actually had some pretty nice words to say to Heejun (who is obviously more insecure than ever after getting blasted for not taking the competition “seriously” during the show):

“[Just] be yourself love. You will never let anyone down if you just do that. Sing your heart out like I know you can.”

On a different notes, it’s worth checking out Heejun’s studio rendition of “My Life” below. While we were one of the few people who actually had a good time during his performance on the show this past week, this should prove to the naysayers that the guy can actually turn in a solid vocal performance. Now, we just need to see it translate to a live show.

Hollie Cavanagh – Through Hollie, we actually learned something rather interesting about Carrie Underwood — despite being on the show a whopping seven seasons ago, she still watches it pretty much every week.

After revealing that Carrie at one point gifted Hollie with a necklace (which apparently made our teen singer “cry” with joy), the country superstar wrote to her with some encouraging words:

You’re very welcome! I never miss a show! You guys are so good. Can’t wait to hear what you all come up with!”

Phillip Phillips – When it comes to his song choice for the week, Phillip seems to be content not changing it up as much as he has done with some of his past tracks:

“Recorded my song today…not really changing up. Great song, i love it”

In going along these lines, does anyone think the “Idol” community is perhaps over-hyping Phillip’s ability to “make songs his own” a little bit? We really haven’t seen the sort of arrangement yet done by him that Crystal Bowersox, Adam Lambert, Kris Allen, or David Cook busted out on their seasons. (Then again, we also wonder if we are really starting to “get” Phillip as much as some other people are.)

Who do you think is poised to have a big week this time around?

Photo: Fox

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