‘The Celebrity Apprentice’: Clay Aiken’s crazy island party

Clay: the man with party experience.

We love parties on “The Celebrity Apprentice,” and they are always even better when there are wacky themes, Debbie Gibson singing an annoying jingle, and people spontaneously taking their clothes off at request of Arsenio Hall.

The task here is to theme the best bash possible for Crystal Light, and it was a showdown between Project Managers Aubrey O’Day (who was a sorority girl and has plenty of experience with parties) and Clay Aiken (who has apparently never thrown a party in his life life).

The women: class and cocktails

Since Teresa Giudice was on the team, it really made sense for the women’s team to make the bash more like a cocktail party. It was smart, sophisticated, and in many ways beautiful. But was it really fun? That’s what we are currently unsure about.

The biggest issue we had with the bash was simply that it was supposed to be fun. Is getting Debbie’s jingle jammed down your throat really something that is entertaining? What about writing down your “healthy desire” in some sort of Garden of Eden theme only to have Lisa Lampanelli mock you? The brand is supposed to be about a party, and while they had a perfect party in many ways it felt too uptight for their brand.

Really, there weren’t any big-time weak links this time challenge. Teresa made some mistakes in getting the red carpet there late, and Dayana Mendoza really still didn’t have anything to do.

The men: life’s a beach

If we were personally going to a party just to have a good time, we really would have much preferred to attend this one. You had Arsenio getting people to have a good time, Lou Ferrigno taking pictures, and it was just an atmosphere better suited for the brand. Did they highlight the party as well? Probably not, but this was a party much more for the 99% than having to sit around and have Debbie’s jingle shoved down your throat.

One of the aspects of the men’s party that was particularly interesting is how they got just about everyone in attendance to actually go all in with the party — some of them arrived in beach gear, drank Crystal Light with umbrellas, and were willing to dance half-naked in front of TV cameras.

The boardroom

We actually thought that the women were going to win the task, based mostly on the fact that they actually wrote and produced their own jingle. They even brought in some talent! The Crystal Light executives thought that the biggest issue was that the signage was confusing, though, and that was enough to cost them the challenge. Clay and his island party were victorious!

In Aubrey O’Day’s defense, she has been a major force to be reckoned with and did put her all into this task — at the same time, though, her spirit of creativity has caused the ladies to lose the vast majority of tasks this season. It was smart of Patricia Velasquez to bring this up, and it may have actually been her biggest contribution to the entire episode as a whole.

However, Patricia was in charge of the signage — and if we were Aubrey, we would actually have brought Patricia back in the boardroom along with someone who could help fight on her side. Instead, she brought Patricia and the poster child for being in danger in Dayana. (Why confuse Trump?)

In the final boardroom, it did end up being Team Venezuela and Aubrey, but really Trump couldn’t seem to get over was one thing — the graphics. The show made it seem as though Patricia didn’t get all of her designs approved by Aubrey, and this was a claim she disagreed with. Ultimately, it didn’t matter — Trump wanted to keep the drama, and kept Aubrey around while firing Patricia.

What do you think about this week’s episode, and do you think that Trump made the right decision?

Photo: NBC

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