‘The Amazing Race 20’: Brendon becomes the master of sea chanteys

Everyone loves a good song!

For the second straight week, “The Amazing Race” decided to bust out an old trick in their Fast Forward — otherwise known as the task that puts the team in first place even further in first place. However, this week it ended up playing a tangible role in the actual course of events.

Why? Both Rachel & Dave and Danny & Joey “Fitness” decided to go for a challenge based on stacking hay, and in one of the biggest surprises we have seen yet the Army man and his wife managed to actual take down the two muscled “Jersey Shore” wananbes in the cast, and thus threw the latter team deep into last place. (Meanwhile, Dave & Rachel were easily in first.)

Away from this challenge, Sunday night’s episode in Azerbaijan ended up actualyl being one of the most creative in years thanks to some challenges. First, we had a task that required teams to be submerged in a mock helicopter, and then there was a detour that teams had to choose between finding an apple in a trunk and (literally) having to scrape oil off of some random dude that apparently likes to bathe in the stuff.

Art & JJ – First things first, we were rather happy this week to actually see the Border Patrol guys act a little less insufferable. They beat all of the other teams (minus Dave & Rachel) to the pit stop, and watching them do the oil made for one of the episode’s most hilarious moments.

Mark & Bopper – We’re loving the fact that these guys are still in this race, especially since they did so well this time around. Can Mark & Bopper get the same cab driver that they had this week all the time? They rode a strong cab all the way to third place.

Brendon & Rachel – They were fairly invisible this week in route to a fourth-place finish, but they did produce the best moment of the night in the random sea chantey that Brendon decided to belt out on his way to going underwater. It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment, but we wish we could see it a million times more.

Vanessa & Ralph – This week, the only team that seemed to really be in danger of actually falling about team “Fitness” was this couple, who struggled mightily both in finding a clue and then in actually finding the right apple.

Despite the show’s best efforts to force some drama here by making it appear that Vanessa & Ralph were actually in last place, we all know that the new “Team Guido” was really in last, and met their end due to Phil. It’s a shame, mostly because they were easily one of the most entertaining pairs of the whole season.

Did you think that this was one of the more creative episodes we have seen from the “Race” in some time?

Photo: CBS

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