‘Once Upon a Time’ in review: Is the Mad Hatter really that mad?

Someone’s a little bit mad…

Like its “guest of the week” Jefferson, there were times during this week’s episode of  “Once Upon a Time” that we started to think that the show was as mad as a hatter. How else do you explain the bizarre backdrop of Wonderland that looked like a Gamecube game than an actual place? (There are times when the show’s budget becomes apparent.)

Nonetheless, what the show presented for us with their nod to “Alice” was an episode with plenty of whimsy, and one that also provided some answers when it comes to Emma’s feelings about Storybrooke. Things began with a rather dark turn when Sebastian Stan’s Jefferson kidnapped both Emma as well as recent escapee Mary Margaret with one goal — getting her to fix his hat so that he can return to the land that he loves to be with his daughter.

As Emma grew frustrated with this seemingly-impossible task, we also learned about how Jefferson was tricked back into the fairytale world by the Evil Queen into leaving his daughter for a trip to Wonderland, only to be trapped in the world away from the one person he loves in his daughter.

Really, the one thing we loved in particular about this episode was that this story was not exactly resolved in the way you would expect. Rather than Jefferson actually being able to convince Emma as to what was really going on, she acted out and, with Mary Margaret’s help, ended up jettisoning the man through a window. The real mystery? His body wasn’t on the ground, and all that remained was his hat.

Just when it seemed as though we really were not going to get anything out of this episode at all, though (other than a nice guest appearance by Stan), we did find out two surprises:

1. Mr. Gold is actually working with Regina on her plans to incriminate Mary Margaret, though his motive remains unclear.

2. Despite what she did to Jefferson, she learned that he was actually telling the truth about his story.

What did you think about this episode, and do you think that Emma is actually going to start believing based on what she saw in the book at the end of this episode?

Photo: ABC

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