‘The X Factor’ notes: One Direction, Simon Cowell, and Jessie J

The boys are still the center of attention.

With the official start to “The Voice” overseas, both Simon Cowell and the British version of “The X Factor” are being thrust into the spotlight. However, we are still going to kick off this article by focusing more of a British boy band from the show who is currently turning heads (and accumulating female fans) around the world.

Security for One Direction – How successful has One Direction become in America? Despite only being famous in the country for a matter of several weeks, the group needed roughly 100 security guards just to make it through a concert at a Dallas suburb.

According to TMZ, each member of the band was assigned a total of 20 guards to follow them while performing at Dr. Pepper Ballpark in Frisco, Texas. Of this 100, half of them were security were the venue, whereas forty were for individual protection and ten were there just on standby. To make things all the more interesting, all of this security was for a 45-minute concert that only contained four songs.

What do we take from this? That the boys are well on their way to becoming the next Backstreet Boys on N’SYNC. (You can check out a performance from the concert below.)

Simon Cowell still wants Jessie J – In taking Alesha Dixon away from “Strictly Come Dancing” to “Britain’s Got Talent,” Simon Cowell has already shown that he is not above poaching judges from other talent shows to suit his own interest. Could he do the same with “The Voice” and Jessie J?

Speaking to the Sunday Mirror, a source via ITV claims that Cowell would love to have her on “The X Factor” if he could get his hands on her:

“Jessie would be absolutely perfect for the ‘X Factor’ … It goes without saying that he could easily double her salary, but he knows she isn’t solely motivated by money.”

So is this true? In theory, it’s true that Simon would probably love to have Jessie around. She was a part of the judges’ houses portion of the show this past year, and she’s one of the biggest stars in Britain at the moment. we have not seen any indication at all that Jessie wants to abandon her current gig. After all, “The Voice” premiered to over 8 million viewers in Britain (which is an enormous hit by their standards).

Jessica Hammond blasts “The X Factor” – If you watched “The Voice” premiere Saturday, then you remember Jessica Hammond well as one of the strongest contestants from the competition. However, she made it to the BBC hit after trying out on two occasions for Cowell’s hit show.

Speaking to the Daily Star about the experience, Hammond (who ended up picking Jessie J after auditioning to “Price Tag”) did not exactly have positive things to say:

“The BBC were really kind, and the production team were really kind, and that does make a massive difference. On ‘The X Factor,’ I had to arrive at 7am and didn’t leave until 11pm.

“I was stuck in a room all day without food or water. I was just sat around waiting all day. I wasn’t given a proper warm-up or the help the BBC gave me … On ‘The Voice,’ you are given all the help and encouragement to perform well. It was an incredible moment when all four judges turned around.

“The judges on ‘The X Factor’ said I was an average singer and my performance was just average. They have their opinions and I wasn’t on top form that day. But they didn’t make me want to give up.”

You can check out some of Jessica’s “Voice” audition below.

Photo: Fox

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