ABC’s ‘Castle’ preview: Beckett finally reveals her [spoiler]

Irony for ironic symbolism!

While last week’s “Dancing with the Stars“-infused episode of “Castle” was entertaining, Monday night’s new “47 Seconds” could end up taking the cake at being one of the most important episodes of the entire season.

If you want a reason why, you don’t really have to look any further than the video below. As you’ve notice at this point, secrets have served as a key theme throughout season 4, whether it be Beckett hiding from Castle that she remembers the entirety of her shooting (including three very pivotal words in “I love you”), and Castle keeping a certain investigation concerning Beckett’s mother away from prying eyes.

On Monday night, one of these secrets will finally be relieved, and it’s all due to the wonder that is a two-way mirror. Following a bombing at an Occupy Wall Street-like event, both Castle and Beckett are forced to look at their own futures with a bit more of a cautious eye, and an interrogation leads Beckett to use her own experiences being shot as proof to a potential suspect that the excuse of “not remembering” every detail of a traumatic event does not really fly with her.

What Beckett doesn’t realize? That Castle is standing outside the room listening to the entire conversation. (Granted, we really didn’t need Nathan Fillion’s character to say anything here for us to get the point.)

How big of a bombshell do you think this scene is going to be both in this episode and over the course of the entire season?

Photo: ABC

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