‘Survivor: One World’ preview: Jonas, Tarzan in post-merge trouble

Jonas could be a strategic threat.

It took us a while to find a new promo for Wednesday night’s new “Survivor: One World” to share, but this video (which you can see below) clearly shows one thing above anything else: the men are in some serious trouble.

Ultimately, merge episodes are the most interesting of the entire season, especially when you have so many different organizations of tribes coming together. For one example of this, look at Christina — even though she was on the Salani tribe at first, she could jump ship to the men after feeling ostracized. Meanwhile, Jay and Troyzan could continue in secret to work with Kim and Chelsea rather than stay with their dysfunction group of guys moving forward.

So thanks to all of these dynamics, who is in the most trouble? Based on the video below along with our own perspective on the series, we have a few suggestions:

Jonas – He’s proven to be a pretty smart guy, and his newfound role of “strategist” in the wake of Colton’s exit could put a target on his back.

Troyzan – While on paper he seems safe, we wonder why he’s in such a scramble looking for the immunity idol.

Tarzan – He is either going to be voted out fast for irritating all of the women (and some of the men), or he is going to become the ultimate goat and be dragged to the end in route to a third-place finish.

Alicia – She always speaks (and occasionally shouts) her mind, and Jonas clearly has her listed as public enemy #1.

Christina – The women may try to convince the guys to get rid of her, and some of the men would be silly enough to do it in thinking they would have the numbers. The problem? If Jay and Troyzan stick with their new alliance, none of these numbers really matter at all.

Who do you think is in the most danger Wednesday night, and are our merge episodes always some of your favorites from the season? Be sure to check out some of our other coverage of this season below — from interviews to episode reviews and more!

Photo: CBS

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