‘American Idol’ notes: Heejun Han, Kellie Pickler, and … Stevie Nicks?

Heejun’s going to give it his all.

We’re going to kick off this weekend’s edition of “American Idol” notes with a rather interesting new remind from Heejun Han: contrary to what we may think, he is not looking at this competition as a joke.

In a post on Twitter Friday, here is what Heejun (who is quickly becoming the target of anger by many fans) had to say about what his mindset is at the moment:

“criticism makes me strong love makes me even stronger.I take this very seriously my goal is to deliver love and hope for people who needs it …┬áim not letting anyone down anymore.”

While Heejun is not the best singer and he did bring some criticism on himself last week, we would be lying if we were to say that we had no sympathy for him at all. The guy went from being universally praised to panned on the show in the matter of weeks, almost as if he hit a threshold where it was okay for him to be criticized for certain things that were ignored previously. He also has a disadvantage over everyone else in that it’s clear that English was not his first language and he still struggles at times when it comes to saying the right things (see his “I don’t want to be a star” comment).

We don’t think Heejun is going to win this show, but we would like to see him go out (whenever that is) on a little bit of a higher note.

Stevie Nicks is coming – While we don’t know the songs for sure yet that the contestants are going to choose for “songs from your idols” week, we can at least say that Heejun and company are going to each be working alongside someone who is clearly a music legend: Stevie Nicks. Nigel confirmed the news on Twitter this weekend.

Nicks has been a reality TV fixture for the past year, having made appearances on everything from “Dancing with the Stars” to “The Voice.” (Check out her duet with Javier Colon below.)

Kellie Picker hits up “Today” – We’re closing it up today with Kellie Pickler, mostly because her find her TV interviews to be entertainment gold. On Friday, Kellie made an appearance on “The Today Show” in order to fill-in for guest host Kathie Lee Gifford, and what ended up happening as a result was a thoroughly entertaining segment of jokes, talk about Jack Daniels, food, and some music-oriented conversation.

If this whole “being a country music star” thing doesn’t work out for Kellie, we hope someone gives her a talk show. Please.

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Do you think Heejun can turn it around this week?

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