‘American Idol’ chat: Erika Van Pelt says ‘Pia Toscano effect’ lead to exit

Erika was eliminated this week.

We can be frank about this — we all know that if “American Idol” was based on talent alone, there would be three or four people that we would be talking with at the moment rather than Erika Van Pelt. However, the chips fell where they did Thursday night, and she was the won that left over Heejun “Michael Bolton is my fashion idol” Han and DeAndre “Mr. Inconsistent” Brackensick.

As we do every week, we took part in a media call Friday with Erika, and we found out some more insight into her time on the show and why the judges did not want to use the save on her.

On why she wasn’t saved – “It was one of those weird things that I didn’t think to ask them. I had my preconceived notions as to why they wouldn’t … I was already mentally prepared for that, and I know what happened last season with Pia Toscano and with them using the save early on with Casey, [so]¬†they may have some [trauma in using the save too early].”

On going from DJing to singing – “It’s definitely crazy. There’s a huge transition that happens from standing behind turntables to having literally millions of people watching you sing and pour your heart out on stage. It was certainly an adjustment for me, to say the least.”

On her immediate plans – “I have to spend the rest of today in L.A., I fly to New York tomorrow and I have a press schedule to do … eventually, I will in the next week and a half make it back to Rhode Island, which I am extremely excited about.”

On what she’s looking forward to with the tour – “I am looking forward to being able to go out there and perform for the fans, and to not have people judging. It’s put a whole another perspective on performing for me — I used to think I was a pretty good performer and pretty natural, but now I realize how much I have to stay focused.”

On if she agreed with Jennifer’s critique on moving around more – “For me, I certainly didn’t agree with the critique, mostly because I’m singing New York State of Mind. Anyone who’s seen Billy Joel perform the song knows that he sits behind a piano the whole time and sells it … it was a special song for me, so I was disappointed when she said that, because it felt like she almost wanted a fake performance [that suggested] I was doing more [by moving around].”


Are you going to miss Erika, and do you think she really should have lasted for a while longer?

Photo: Fox

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