‘The Amazing Race 20’ preview: The craziest leg yet?

Someone’s a little carsick…

We know that commercials can be deceiving, but if Sunday night’s new episode of “The Amazing Race” even remotely turns out like the promo below, then we could be in for one our best episodes in years.

As for why? There really are four simple factors that play into it:

1. Bathing in mud – This is just disgusting, strange, and completely unexpected. What makes it even worse is that one of the places we  are seeing some of these team members for this challenge is a seedy bathtub that looks like it’s been used as a setting for the Trinity Killer.

Yes, we know that “The Bachelor” has put contestants in mud before, too … but that is for entirely different (and still rather disgusting) reasons.

2. A new country – 20 seasons in, and the show really has traveled a good portion of the world. We were thrilled to see Azerbaijan represented primarily since it’s a country not many people know anything about, and it provides a fresh take on the world for viewers (like us) who have literally never missed a single episode.

3. Barf bags – We love Mark & Bopper, but it looks like they are going to have a major challenge this week just when it comes from trying to keep from getting sick. They also need to develop more of a winning edge — they’re nice guys, but they are also nice guys who make too many mistakes to go far.

4. Going underwater – We have no idea what the submarine contraption is that teams are going into for a challenge, but it looks intense. This just goes to show that there are still plenty of fears out there that this show has yet to explore, and you don’t have to just settle for having teams repel or bungee jump off some high point.

Does this promo look exciting to you, and who do you think is in the most trouble this week?

Photo: CBS

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