‘Community’ review: ‘Michael Jackson’ is the voice of reason

Who loves impersonations?

While we didn’t necessarily think that last week’s return was the best episode of “Community” that we have ever seen, we have to say that the show managed to pick up some serious steam this time around for a half-hour that was easily among the most brilliant of the season.

Why? The show provided something that we never thought we would say — an entire episode devoted to a mob made up of celebrity impersonators. French Stewart guest-starred as “French Stewart,” and the leader of an organization trying to pull a debt out of Abed for all the impersonators that he has been hiring over the years. The punishment? Forcing all of his friends to attend a bar mitzvah with him and work the money off. We’re still debating what was better here — Britta and Troy playing multiple versions of Michael Jackson, or Shirley’s completely over-the-top take on Oprah.

The one thing we can say with the utmost certainty after watching this episode? It was perfect in how it orchestrated Jeff Winger spinning out of control. the man was already going into the party with some anti-anxiety medication that was causing his ego to reach astronomical levels, and then forcing him to become Ryan Seacrest (who is apparently known for being handsome — a sign that we don’t hang out in the right circles) and losing his mind completely. “Community” meltdowns are some of the best on TV (remember Troy and LeVar Burton?), and the payoff here was great as Jeff ended up passing out shirtless in the street, and needed Britta / Michael Jackson here to actually work some sense into him. Can someone give Britta an A in psych?

The only thing that really did sadden us this week was seeing abed actually take a step back in his friendship with Troy, all for what was really a selfish reason of wanting to act out more impersonations. Then again, this moment goes to show the beauty of what showrunner Dan Harmon is doing — he creates a character like this that would be one-note on most shows, but makes him developed here. This episode proves that while Abed is fun, there are some downsides that go along with it.

Overall, this was a stellar episode, and this is without us even mentioning a few little gems until now — including the appearance of “Moby” and Chang seemingly setting up a child army by promising college credit. You can always tell a good show by how fast it feels, and this episode felt like it went by in two minutes.

Photo: NBC

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