‘American Idol’ results: Did Heejun Han’s craziness do him in?

Who’s going to the mansion!

This week in the “American Idol” game known as “making this results show seem especially important,” Ryan Seacrest hyped out that the remaining nine singers are going to be moving in to the mansion. Hooray? We really don’t think some fancy digs are really going to do that much to make these people happy versus getting a trip to the next round.

So did Heejun Han manage to survive despite giving one of the weirdest performances we have seen? Let’s see…

The performances

Lana Del Rey, “Video Games” – We admit that we’ve never really “gotten” Lana’s music, mostly because it’s more atmospheric than melodic. Can a voice be too haunting? We know that Del Rey has plenty of fans — and this was better than her “Saturday Night Live” performance — but we’ll take Haley over her any day.

Haley Reinhart, “Free” – The birdcage reminded us a little too much of what Miley Cyrus did with “Can’t Be Tamed,” but this performance reminded us of why Haley should have made the finals instead of Lauren. It was fun, vocally stirring, and a nice reminder for everyone to go to iTunes and buy the single. Now. Let’s make this a hit!

The safe artists

Hollie Cavanagh – After singing a series of ballads topped with more ballads, we were actually pretty worried about Hollie. She does need to change it up moving forward if she wants to get far.

Skylar Laine – The country vote is going to keep Skylar around for a long time — at least so long as she does some sort of crazy foot-stomping performance like she did in the top 25.

Elise Testone – Elise actually avoided the chairs this week! If she can continue to be inventive in her song choices and find the right arrangements, we do think that she could stay around a long time … and maybe be this season’s version of Haley?

Jessica Sanchez – We’re actually surprised that they waited until the midway point in the song to reveal this inevitable decision by America.

Joshua Ledet – Thankfully, Jimmy Iovine pointed out Joshua’s over-singing during his performance — even though he was safe, he will hopefully learn to improve based on what he was told this week.

Phillip Phillips – Despite a ripping by Jimmy over not taking any advice, Mr. “I love my gray clothing” stayed put.

Colton Dixon – Going last to the show = being safe. We all saw this one coming.

The bottom three

DeAndre Brackensick – He went first (always a curse on this show), and he also gave a rendition of “Only the Good Die Young” that barely qualified a “good.”

Erika Van Pelt – Despite a new hairdo, Erika still found herself in the bottom three this week with a performance that was actually pretty good.

Heejun Han – We’re not sure why Heejun said he doesn’t “want to be a star.” Then why are you hear? We’ve been rooting for the guy all season, but we’re not sure what else he can do on the show.

The end result here? DeAndre was declared safe, and then Erika was told she was “in jeopardy” of leaving the competition. After completely slaying “I Believe in You and Me,” we thought it was the right time to bust out the save … but the judges didn’t do it. Why, judges, why? our only guess is that they didn’t feel that she would be able to attract future voters.

What did you think of this season’s results show, and what did you think of Joe Perry eating a massive dose of crow in coming on stage to perform “Happy Birthday” on the guitar?

Photo: Fox


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