‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Colton Cumbie on fan reaction, endgame plan

Colton had to be evacuated.

When it comes to polarizing contestants, Colton Cumbie may take the case as the poster child for “Survivor: One World.” There are some out there who respected what he brought to the game strategically; however, these same people (like many others) were disgusted by some of the things that came out of his mouth.

If you want to see what Colton has to say about his behavior towards Bill specifically, head on over to this link. Since this ground has already been covered, we didn’t really feel the need to retread upon it in our limited interview time. Instead, we asked the villain of the season (at least in the early stages) some about his strategy along with what it has been like for him to look back at this experience.

Cartermatt.com – First things first, I’m curious as to what it has been like for you to watch yourself the past couple of weeks. How have you dealt with the reaction to you being on the show?

Colton Cumbie – Obviously, watching certain parts like episode 4 — I was uncomfortable watching that. I don’t want to be viewed as someone who is treating people that way.

As far as dealing with it in my personal life, there haven’t really been that many people — actually there haven’t been any people — who have attacked me. I kind of feel like when people want to go on the attack you use the internet, since you can hide behind a screenname and a Twitter account.

[As for] people who have meet me in life, I’m recognized all the time. If people don’t recognize me from looking at me, I open my mouth and they’re like ‘I know that voice.’ There have been people who were admittedly not fans of mine who said ‘we thought you were the most deplorable person on planet on earth,’ and then they get to talking with me and I take pictures with their kids, and they’re like ‘you know, you’re really not like what you are like on television.’ I’m like ‘of course not, because that’s what it is: television.’ We’re totally different people in the real world than we are on television — in some cases.

I will say this: strategically, the show may be pretty boring without you.

Well thank you, I appreciate that. I feel like my men are going to crumble, I feel like [they’re] not going to know what to do without their Queen. (Laughs.)

So if you had made the merge, did you already have your plan set out for who you wanted to take to the end? You obviously were playing an aggressive game, and sometimes you have to make a very specific argument in order to win with that.

I had it all planned out. I had a producer tell me on day 3 ‘you’re the first player we’ve ever had in the history of the show that when everyone else is on day 3, you’re on day 33.’ I had a plan, I know who I had to get rid of, I knew where I needed to get rid of them. I was actually getting rid of Alicia — I was about to send her home. I knew about her relationship with the women — she just didn’t think I did. I had gotten rid of Monica because I thought that Monica was a threat, and I honestly thought that Monica and Michael were close … I knew that if I kept Christina, she was a serious threat to go with the guys — and I think she honestly would have because she didn’t have a leg to stand on.

Going into the merge, I was planning to get rid of Chelsea immediately because I knew she and Kim were close, and I wanted to cut off Kim’s right arm because I wanted Kim to have to come with me. My ideal final four was going to be Jay, [Troyzan], Kim and I. I knew there was no way I was going to win the final immunity challenge. If Kim won it, I was going to get rid of Troy — if Troy won it, I was going to get rid of Kim and if Jay won it, I was going to get rid of Kim.

Sitting in the final 3, I was going to make the argument that ‘look, I was the most underestimated player in this entire game, I never thought I’d get here, and I literally had to scratch, claw, and fight my way here.’ I think I would have had a valid case. But, we’ll never know.

So would you be as frustrated with leaving and talking with us today if you had been blindsided rather than going out the way you did?

Yes. That’s the thing — I feel like I don’t have closure to my game. Had they said ‘let’s get rid of Colton and the idol, let’s blindside him’ I would have been like ‘props to them. They got me.’ But they didn’t get me — I got taken out by something that was totally out of my control, their control, everyone’s control. It was how I was taken out that was disheartening about it.

I didn’t get blindsided. I feel like I was in the middle of writing my ‘Survivor’ story, and then I just ran out of ink and can kind of left there to dangle in the wind.

Even if you hated Colton as a person for some of the comments, do you think that the strategy element of the game is going to be as interesting without him?┬áCheck back later in the week, as we will (as always) have an extended look at Wednesday night’s all-new episode.

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