Sarah Jessica Parker reaches out to ‘Carrie Diaries’ AnnaSophia Robb

She reached out to AnnaSophia

Many ‘Sex and the City’ fans have been fairly skeptical about the new CW series, ‘The Carrie Diaries’ based on the life of Carrie Bradshaw before she met up with Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha in New York City, but one person who is excited for the show is Miss Carrie Bradshaw herself, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Actress AnnaSophia Robb has been cast in the iconic role of Carrie Bradshaw and although she has some very big Manolo Blahnik shoes to fill, it seems Parker feels that Robb is going to do just fine in the prequel.

According to US Weekly, Parker decided to reach out to Robb and give her a few words of encouragement.  Robb said; “She sent me a letter! I wrote her one back, too. She was just very encouraging about it all. It was really cool!”

Robb began filming ‘The Carrie Diaries’ in New York on Wednesday, but the actress revealed that she has been preparing for the role for months.  She said; “We’ve been doing a lot of rehearsals this week, and I’ve been watching the show and really trying to click with the character.”

One of the major issues Robb is up against with this role is that she and the series as a whole will be compared to the original ‘Sex and the City’.  Robb says she knows that ‘The Carrie Diaries’ will never be the same as the original series, but feels that it will be a fun way to reach a new audience.  She said; “I know everyone’s going to compare it to Sex and the City, but we’re never going to be that.  The show is more for my generation, but it’s set in the ’80s, so it’s fun.”

While some fans seem to be okay with the idea of a prequel, many are fearful that the show won’t match up to Carrie Bradshaw’s family life on the HBO series.  Carrie revealed in ‘Sex and the City’ that her father abandoned her and her mother when she was just a little girl, explaining why she has had such difficulty having relationships with men as an adult – in the novel, Carrie’s mother passed away when she was a child and her father raised her making it incredibly confusing to ‘Sex and the City’ fans since the back ground doesn’t match up with the character everyone knows.  Our hopes are that producers will stay true to the series since they are calling it a ‘prequel’ and follow the family life that was already mapped out for Carrie in the HBO series.

Outside of the possible story issues we have to say that Robb is a pretty incredible cast for Carrie Bradshaw and she is going to do the ‘Sex and the City’ fans proud.

Will you be tuning in this fall to see what ‘The Carrie Diaries’ has to offer?

Photo: Sarah Jessica Parker, HBO

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