‘The Office’ possibly looking for new showrunner; could it help?

Rainn Wilson’s getting a spin-off.

Never has a show made us change our mind more than “The Office” this season. On some occasions (such as the lovely arc in Florida that put some characters out of their element), we love it; then, there are other moments that make us want to throw our hands in the air and wonder why we even bother. There’s no way to get around how much the show misses Steve Carell, and how some of their decisions this season (Andy as boss, James Spader in general) haven’t quite worked out.

The show does still appear to have one more year left in it, though, and it looks like it will need to do it with a new showrunner. According to new reports, Paul Lieberstein (otherwise known as Toby) is likely out in order to focus more on the spin-off series all about Dwight and his beet farm. While he’s still going to make appearances on this show, his presence will not be felt so greatly.

Can this be viewed as a positive? Possibly. A new face and some new blood could help to give the series a worthy final season (if next year truly is the end), even if their backs are against the wall from the get-go. Mindy Kaling (Kelly) may be leaving thanks to a pilot order at Fox, and there are some other assorted contracts that still need to be worked out.

It’s going to be hard for the show to have a real series finale at this point, sadly, and maybe diehard fans should just consider “Goodbye, Michael” to be end. It’s not that the episodes without Michael Scott are terrible, but it’s not the same show. It’s almost akin to looking back at “Scrubs,” and choosing only to remember the show until the last episode with Zach Braff.

Do you think a new showrunner could find sort of order in the choas that has become this show?

Photo: NBC

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