‘American Idol’ notes: Heejun Han, Kelly Clarkson, and Casey James

Another defense of Heejun.

We have some new information to pass on about a pair of “American Idol” a little bit later in this article, but we really feel the need to begin with an issue that is a bit closer to our hearts: the stunning and rather bizarre critique of Heejun Han’s “My Life” by Steven Tyler.

Unfortunately, we don’t think Heejun understood how Tyler was really trying to put him down for most of his critique for coming out and dancing around the stage, and we actually disagree with him about the assessment that Heejun doesn’t take this seriously. The problem for our contestant here is simply that he doesn’t really know who he is, and he’s trying to please the fans that love his comedy. He knows he’s not the best singer in this competition, but why not let him have some of fun out there while on stage? While you could make the argument that he should not outlast an Erika Van Pelt in this competition, we like that he mixed it up and didn’t just do another sappy ballad — even if he mocked a bit of the “Idol” machine in the process.

As a music enthusiast, we may want to see some other people last a while longer — however, as a lover of entertainment we hope he stays put for a while.

Now, we turn to the other stories…

Kelly Clarkson’s country “Know-It-All” – For those unaware, Kelly is releasing a country version of “Mr. Know-It-All” to likely connect with some of the people who loved her “Don’t You Wanna Stay” duet with Jason Aldean. This mix of the song will hit iTunes on April 3, and it is also heading to country radio.

We love the original version of the song quite a bit, but we don’t really see the appeal here. The song still sounds like the original version, and her vocals are too pop here for the country instrumentation.

Then again, or love for Kelly prohibits us from wishing anything but the best for her with this song.

Casey’s “Ellen” performance – Finally, we’ll close with Casey James performance of “Let’s Don’t Call It a Night” on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Wednesday. We’re actually thrilled that Casey got an opportunity to perform on a major talk show, especially since it’s been so long since he was actually a contestant.

For a brief second, this performance brought us back to the massive car crash that was season 9, complete with Ellen as a judge and the producer forcing Casey to go up and perform a Frank Sinatra song that he had no business singing. (To us, “Jealous Guy” is still one the best performances ever on the show.)

Do you think Heejun is making a mockery of the show, or is he really just trying to have a good time with it?

Photo: Fox

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