‘Survivor: One World’: A change is afoot!

Tarzan’s lost in the jungle.

After starting out “Survivor: One World” as a competition as the men vs. the women, the show has now turned into a battle between the popular kids and the misfits. One one side, we have the seemingly-invincible Salani tribe — and then, we have the ragtag group known as Manono.

Thankfully, the show spared us any future waiting about the future of our beloved Leif and Jonas by announcing that there was a merge at the end of the episode — but now before one of the more shocking exits ever. With that in mind, we’re going to start with the losers this week before we get to the winners. (A change of pace — just like this episode!)

The losers

Colton – All week long, we’ve really suspected that it would be Tarzan who ended up getting medically-evacuated from the game. Instead, it was the most notorious player we have seen of the season.

Colton’s exit really put many of the men in an awkward position. Most of them are going to start playing the game really for the first time, and this puts them in a troublesome place since the women (in particular Kim and Chelsea) have been playing since the very beginning. We certainly have plenty to ask him about in our conference call tomorrow, so stay tuned for that!

On a different note, we actually liked that he left with the idol in his pocket. Even though he didn’t do much to deserve getting it to begin with, why continue the cycle by giving it to someone as irritating as Alicia?

Tarzan – Tarzan may be the worst player ever, mostly because Phillip Sheppard was at least self-aware enough to know that he was a goat. While it didn’t matter much this week, his desire to get rid of Christina over Alicia is downright silly.

If the guys wanted to just pick off the women at this point, they could — and with Christina’s help. She clearly knows that she is on the bottom of the totem pole there, and these guys are so all over the place that we could see her working her way into an alliance there and go far.

Unfortunately, Tarzan doesn’t see the jungle through the trees.

Alicia – Even though she’s made it to the merge, nobody really seems to actually like her very much, either — and since Monica told us last week in a conference call that Alicia really didn’t have that great of an alliance anymore with Kat and Chelsea, she could go out faster than she thinks at the merge.

Kat – For not knowing what appendicitis is. Kat may actually irritate us more than Alicia and Tarzan combined.

Leif – As a guy, we love Leif — as a strategist, he may be so wishy-washy that he flip-flops more than a politician. Leif’s not going too far into this game following the merge.

Christina’s staying lucky.

The winners

Christina – While it’s true she could be the first to go at the merge, Christina has managed to survive yet again in what has become a very interesting game for her. She has pretty much dodged a bullet on four occasions already, and it could be more as alliances start to implode on each other.

The best thing Christina can do? Smile and watch all the chaos.

Jonas – We’re still not sure that Jonas has a loyal enough following to do anything, but we just really like the guy. He seems smart, well-adjusted, and really wants to play this game to make it to the end. When following Colton was the right move, he did that — and now, he wants to take charge a little more.

Michael – While he’s not getting much screen time, Michael is becoming the male version of Christina. He was on the low end of the totem pole with Manono, and he was on the bottom of Salani. With a merge afoot (thanks, Tarzan!), he can now work his way into forming a bond with someone.

Kim – As per the case recently, though, we are going to include Kim simply because she seems to be in the best place out of anyone to win — and this is without even mentioning the idol she has that only Chelsea knows about.

Not only is Kim not going to be the first person targeted among the women, she won’t be the second, either. She also has two alliances she can mold and work if need be, and has very few enemies. The most dangerous players are the ones that can stab you in the back while a smile on their face, and that sums up Kim’s game at this point.

Overall, we really cannot express how much we love this season. There are villains, heroes, people we love, and people we can’t stand. It’s also the first time since “Nicaragua” that we can’t completely predict the post-merge game.

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