‘Once Upon a Time’ preview: Mad as a Hatter

Sebastian Stan plays the character.

For the fairytale faithful, “Alice in Wonderland” is something that “Once Upon a Time” could do some great things with. Will they? Based on what we’ve seen, we are excited.

Granted, it’s fair to say that this is not going to be the traditional form of the story in any form. We don’t know if there even is an Alice, but the Mad Hatter is going to be running amok in Storybrooke — or at least this town’s version of the character. Sebastian Stan is going to be playing a man obsessed with hats, and he also is going to be obsessed apparently with kidnapping Emma and potentially Mary Margaret for some unknown reason.

As for some other elements of “Alice” that will be incorporated into the show, Roger Daltrey of The Who is going to be playing the Cheshire Cat — in addition, the Evil Queen is going to spend her time in the fairytale world trying to retrieve a certain item from the Queen of Hearts. (We are already wondering if she is going to use it make someone lose their head — she already seems to be the master of pulling out their hearts.)

This episode is set to hold some major implications to Emma when it comes to her future in Storybrooke, and following this we are going to be in the home stretch of the season. Including this episode, there are only six episodes left … and hopefully we will get some more clues as to how to break the curse before that.

Are you looking forward to this episode more than any other recent one?

Photo: ABC

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