Adam Lambert’s new song snippets: ‘Cuckoo,’ ‘Trespassing,’ and more

New music!

Rather than try to fit this new music from Adam Lambert into an “American Idol” notes article, we’re going to focus this entire article on some of the snippets from “Trespassing” that are now online.

If you just want to hear the audio before reading our impressions, scroll down to the bottom of this article. (Note to the kiddies out there: there is some strong language in the music.)

“Cuckoo” – Does anyone else get a little bit of a Madonna-meets-Maroon 5 vibe from this song? Out of the four songs, it may be the strongest one melodically and thematically. We guess that since “Whataya Want From Me” did so well, RCA wanted to release “Better Than I Know Myself” as the lead single from “Trespassing” since it’s in a similar vein — however, we actually think that this a better song than “BTIKM” overall.

We’ve loved “Cuckoo” from the moment we first heard it last month, and the studio version is even better than any other recording we’ve heard. If it’s not the second single, how about it being the third?

“Trespassing” – Out of the four songs, this one is probably the one with the most similarities in style to “For Your Entertainment.” It’s almost as if Adam has created a modern version of Queen with his own lyrics in tow here.

While we’ve seen a good many people online clamoring for this to be the next single, it’s probably better off as a concert specialty if for no other reason than that there are two songs on this list that may connect with non-fans faster.

“Naked Love” – Our personal favorite out of these four songs, mostly in that we could seriously listen to the hook here a thousands times and not get tired of it. (We’re already well on our way.) Not only does this have “club anthem” written all over it, we are hoping that someone is already sending this to the radio. Out of all the songs from “Trespassing” we’ve heard, this song easily has the best chance of being a smash. It also doesn’t hurt that there is a provocative title here that will get casual fans interested.

“Never Close Our Eyes” – This song somehow manages to be modern and remind us of some incredible videogame boss music (mostly thanks to the background beat) at the same time. Unlike “Naked Love,” this song probably does not have enough of a hook for the top 40 market; but it’s still a fun listen, and we like how Adam continues to mold personal lyrics here with club beats.

What’s your favorite track based on what we’ve heard so far? Be sure to answer in the poll below!

Photo: RCA

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