‘Real Housewives or Orange County’: Who’s upset at Gretchen Rossi now?

What did Gretchen do?

Welcome to “The Real Housewives of Hurt Feelings” … otherwise known as “The Real Housewives of Orange County.” Only on this show can we really have the following scenarios play out:

-Alexis Bellino gets upset when Gretchen Rossi doesn’t comfort her after plastic surgery, and this ends up becoming a big-time deal that she blames on Gretchen becoming friends with Tamra Barney.

-Three women spend a decent percentage of an episode dealing with medical issues, with the worst moment of it all being when we pretty much had to look at everything that was pulled out of Alexis’ nose as if it was a hunting trophy. (Watching Tamra talking a breast reduction somehow seems benign.)

-Heather Dubrow waves that she is part of 1% in front of every viewer in America, as she ponders opening a restaurant with her friends while reminders of helicopters pop in our heads. Only Heather could try and make Lisa VanderPump look normal.

-Gretchen visits the Pussycat Dolls in Los Angeles to see if she is right for the gig, and quickly gets freaked out about it after seeing the show go down in person. We still believe that Gretchen is the star of the show, but this was the first episodes in weeks where she and Slade actually took a backseat to some of the craziness happening around them.

Our ultimate point here? Despite all of this happening in this episode, it was probably still the least exciting of the season. Why? The majority of the content this week consisted of things that were kind of a given — such as the fact that nose jobs hurt and Heather is rich. Was it a bit of a surprise to see Alexis throw Gretchen on the bus? Sure, but we classify that more in the category of “small events that will cause major problems later.” After all, nothing is really left alone on this sort of show.

Even with an episode that was down in drama versus most of season 7, we can at least praise just how strong this season has been versus the yawner that is “Atlanta” season 4. There’s always something going on, even if that something is watching Alexis’ nose fluid with a look of utter terror.

What was your favorite moment from Tuesday’s episode?

Photo: Bravo

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