‘Fashion Star’ episode 2: The flaws start to show

Is this a downward spiral?

One week after “Fashion Star” got off to what we left was a pretty strong premiere on NBC, the cracks are already starting to show in a fashion-oriented series that could have great promise. While we understand the appeal of the show from a business standpoint (as it’s pretty much a giant advertisement for three retailers and an incredibly smart idea to sell clothing), it’s just not that entertaining to watch the same thing every week.

What seems in some way to be the issue here is that the show is actually is designed a bit too much like “The Voice,” but with an hour less time to get to know the contestants. We really don’t know who any of these people are, and outside of Oscar (who is currently winning all sorts of awards for being incredibly irritating) we don’t really know if we should root for or care about any of these people at all. We were hoping that this episode would delve more into the characters, and why they design along with what they design.

To make things a bit more distressing for the show, we’re really starting to wonder what the purpose of the three “mentors” really is other than for the producers to say that they have Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie. The buyers are far more interesting as critics, and they also hold some weight when it comes to the actual competition. Having to hear from six different people (plus host Elle Macpherson) about a single garment comes across as cumbersome.

It’s possible that these flaws were made more apparent in an episode that was thirty minutes shorter, and it’s also possible that we noticed them this time more thanks to the new-car smell going off a little bit. Do we think this idea could work? Sure, but we need to see more away from the runway, whether it be creativity with the challenges or some of the design process. “Project Runway” works so well becomes the fashions are so over-the-top and there are general themes; you need a stronger story to make a show work without the frills.

If there was one redeeming aspect of this episode, it was seeing Oscar and his over-the-top attitude go home. He didn’t necessarily seem like a bad guy, but he was mouthy and his fashions seemed better suited for the “Jersey Shore” house than Saks Fifth Avenue.

What did you think about this episode. and were you disappointed in how much of a repeat this episode felt like of the premiere?

Photo: NBC

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