‘The Vampire Diaries’ preview: Can Elena save Stefan?

Feelings could rise again.

One week after delving back into the world of 1912, “The Vampire Diaries” are going to be very much focused in the present for Thursday night’s new episode “Break On Through.” With that being said, though, the mysteries of a hundred years ago are going to find a way to creep right back up into the present.

First and foremost, we are going to see the return of Cassidy Freeman’s Sage to Mystic Falls, where she and Damon meet at a ceremony to help reconstruct a bridge. Will there be fireworks? Possibly. Will Rebekah find her way to get involved? Definitely.

As for our other Salvatore brother, Stefan is going to continue trying to fight through the demons that were tackled last week, and communication is going to be so awkward between him and Elena that they are going to struggle to even know what to say to each other. The video below should give you some impression, as Stefan fails to give our heroine much hope at all that there is anything that she is going to be able to do to stop Alaric from falling victim to the same exact problem that befell Samantha Gilbert.

Finally, those anxious to see Abby Bennett’s transformation will no longer have to wait any longer — Kat Graham’s Bonnie will be back in a big way, and she is going to be dealing with more than just a mom on the verge of becoming a vampire … she is also going to have to take on Jamie in the process. (Remember him? You may be seeing a good bit of Abby’s adopted son over the coming episodes.)

Sorry, fans of Klaus and Caroline — we don’t have any scoop for you yet, but stay tuned as we continue to find out more.

Photo: The CW

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