‘How I Met Your Mother’ review: Do you feel differently about Quinn now?

Should we like Quinn now?

It’s interesting watching to see “How I Met Your Mother” toy with the issue of likability in sitcoms. You have a lead character in Ted who is at times a pretentious jerk, a womanizer in Barney, a couple who never shuts up about their relationship, and a woman who closes herself off from intimacy. Yet, in spite of all this, we end up loving every single person listed here and root for them to find happiness.

So with this in mind, how do we end up hating Quinn so much? Is it that she possesses a genuine threat to Robin and Barney getting together, or was it that she was presented to us as a con artist doubling as an exotic dancer? (We’re better on a little bit of both.) If we take off our hate goggles for a moment, then we may realize that Becki Newton’s character at times seemed perfect for Barney in “The Broath.” After all, doesn’t it take a very special kind of woman to be willing to join forces with you, deceive your friends into thinking you are awful, and then trick them into kissing each other simply to prove a point? That point — that Barney’s friends will meddle in anything they can — was made perfectly clear here in hilarious fashion.

In reality, we still don’t have much of a clue at all as to whether or now Quinn and Barney are going to end up together. After all, the only thing we really know for sure at the moment is that Barney is getting married at some point in the future, and that Quinn said that she would only give up dancing if she was married? The other piece of evidence here is narrator suggesting “that’s how we met Quinn” as if it was a momentous occasion. On the flip side, Newton has a pilot for a new comedy series, and if that picks up it’s hard to see her sticking around on this show enough to really be Mrs. Stinson someday.

After watching “The Broath,” have your preconceived notions of Quinn as a character changed at all, and why do you think reaction has been so negative to her when we embrace the show’s plethora of other flawed personalities?

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